Good News About Time Clocks And Your Company’s Payroll System
We all know payroll is dependent on an employee’s time and attendance. Unfortunately, many businesses’ time and attendance records are often the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks.
Paper-Based Systems Are Often Inaccurate And Filled With Errors.
Whenever you are dealing with an employee’s timesheet, it is often filled with errors. From blatant padding of time to “I’ll get to it later.” And when a manager sees an employee’s timesheet, they often ask themselves:
  • Did they arrive late due to a weather issue?
  • Did they leave work and then come back?
  • How long was their break?
  • What time did they arrive and go home?
Not having specific information often leads to a company’s payroll being over or under budget. Additionally, employees forget to punch-in or -out (which leads to uncertainty and doubt by a manager). They also need to know if the employee is accruing sick time, vacation day(s), and holiday pay. By having an automated time and attendance system, one that is integrated into your payroll system will be the best way to ensure precise reporting and fewer errors.
Here’s How An Integrated Time Clock And Payroll System Work.
An integrated time clock and payroll software program will collect everyone’s information without human input; the data is then analyzed in real time for more cost-effective, accurate payroll process. It’s great for managers who want to manage their payroll or those who need it for government contracts, etc.
By the way, these systems range from plain to complex; how advanced a system is contingent on your company’s cybersecurity and/or other needs. You can use a computer, key fob, or biometric iris scanner to sign-on. Your choices are only limited to your budget and needs.
The Government Likes Automated Systems.
Whether it is the IRS or some other agency, the government likes an automated reporting process for the ACA, benefits, employee reviews, and labor-law violations. If your business ever faces a charge of wage and hour non-compliance, or have an audit for possible violations, having an accurate set of historical records can and will make the difference.
Summary: Whatever time clock and payroll system you choose, you will see an immediate benefit by eliminating human error and handwritten reports. Remember, you will save tons of time by not having an employee fill out their time sheets as well as printing and duplicating data entry processes. As we tell our clients, an automated system allows owners, managers, and line supervisors to focus on more critical areas of their business and not control “time and attendance” tracking via paper/Excel.
Next Step: If you’re considering an automated payroll and time-keeping system, please get in touch with us.