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Why should my small business outsource my payroll?

You are a business owner that needs to focus efforts on growing your business. Your limited time and resources should not be spent doing payroll.

How do online payroll services work?

You will go to our website and login to a portal where you will be able to enter the employees time for the pay period. That same portal will give you access to your reports after the payroll is processed.

How do my employees get paid?

Employees are paid by direct deposit to their checking or savings account.

What if my employee doesn't have a bank account?

We will issue any employee who does not have a bank account a Money Network™ Visa® Pay Card that is reloaded each time the employee is paid. There is also an option to get paper checks.

How will I file federal & state taxes for my employees?

You do not file any reports or write any checks for taxes due. We take care of that on your behalf.

Can I switch my payroll over to Payroll Chimp at anytime?

You are able to switch to our service at any point in the year. We enter data from your previous payroll reports so it is as if you used Payroll Chimp beginning January 1st

How do I know that my payroll will be confidential?

Our website portal uses encryption to ensure data being transferred cannot be compromised. Our file servers use the most up to date firewalls available to protect data stored at our facility.

How does your referral program work?

If you think our service is great, and we know you will, we will give you a month of free service when you refer another business to us.