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You can change your payroll over to Payroll Chimp at any time during the year. It does not have to be done at the end of a quarter, or end of the year. We get your employee demographic information from the reports your software generates, or, if using a 3rd party processor, they can provide the needed information. We also will need your system generated historical payroll data. We make the transition painless with our easy to understand on-boarding process.


Customer Reporting

Through the Payroll Chimp portal you are able to manage the entire payroll process. Everything from initiating the payroll process to reporting. A single interface and contact point to manage all your payroll needs.

Additionally, your personal login area gives you the ability to update existing employee information, add new employees, view all paycheck details, and download reports. This allows you the control to manage all the company’s payroll data in one spot. Why wait for an account representative to make these changes when you can call the shots. In addition, our customized reporting feature allows you to analyze employee and other data according to your preferred metrics. Through Payroll Chimp you can make your payroll process work for you. Best of all, it’s quick, simple, and reduces your time spent on payroll to a minimum.

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Time and Attendance

If you are using time clocks or other cloud based software to capture time, chances are you can continue using those systems and we can capture needed data to produce the payroll from what you are already using. If you need a time and attendance solution, we would be happy to discuss your needs and implement a solution that will be a custom fit just for your situation. Most of our clients are using some form of manual time card, and if there is no economic benefit for time and attendance software then keep recording time with your current process.

Time Card

Workmens Comp – Pay As You Go

Break free from the traditional way of obtaining workmen’s compensation insurance. Why make payments to insurance companies in advance to cover your workers when you can get the same coverage on an as needed basis? Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation Insurance offers businesses an alternative method of paying for insurance premiums based on actual payroll. Each payroll period Payroll Chimp also remits the actual insurance amount due to your carrier on qualifying employees. This provides the flexibility to receive only the coverage you need. What’s better is you don’t even need to change insurance carriers.

Pay As You Go Benefits:

    • No Upfront Down payments – This method eliminates the needs for a large down payment of insurance at the beginning of the year. Companies are only required to pay as they use insurance so there is no need to make a large sum payment.
    • No Estimates Needed – Since you only pay for what you use there is no need to endure this process. With pay as you go insurance you only pay for what the company uses.
    • No Audits – Perhaps the most coveted benefit of pay as you go insurance, companies are pleased not to have to deal with the year end audit. It allows management to forego the process of an invasive and time consuming audit process.
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Help When It’s Needed

This is a key differentiator between Payroll Chimp and other payroll providers. Our support is second to none both in terms of answering questions, addressing issues and being there when needed. Unlike large payroll providers, our advanced and dynamic solutions are backed by personalized, local support. Any issues, concerns or challenges that your business is facing is just the type of issue we stand ready to address. Making the payroll process run smoothly is our job, which allows you to stay focused on yours – managing and growing your company.

For assistance please contact your dedicated payroll specialist or contact us via e-mail.

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Unhappy with your current payroll provider and looking to make a change? We want to help! Our clients turn to us because they are seeking a solution that provides the services they need without overpaying for unnecessary services. For additional information on Payroll Chimp, contact us at 989-772-7133 or click here to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.