About Payroll Chimp

Payroll Chimp is a payroll company wholly owned by a CPA firm that has been providing payroll services to Mid-Michigan businesses since 1952. Do you currently use a payroll service provider that is not meeting your expectations? Are you using your precious time to do payroll when the time could be better spent managing and growing your business? There is a misconception by business owners that hiring a payroll company to provide payroll will cost them a lot of money. When you consider your time, the cost of software, supplies, unhappy employees due to errors, potential penalties due to non-compliance, and missed business opportunities, you can easily justify the nominal cost of using Payroll Chimp. Our average client spends less than $2,000 annually for a hassle free way to get payroll done.Consider a client who recently told us how he forgot to make his payroll deposits for the entire quarter and had to pay thousands of dollars in penalties. Or take the case of the business owner who failed to update her software and did not withhold the proper amount of tax causing some very unhappy employees. Liabilities and errors are a thing of the past when you use the experts at Payroll Chimp to process your payroll.

You are reading this because you need a better way to get payroll done. The only thing you have to do is report the employee hours using our easy to use web based portal. From that point Payroll Chimp completes the process including paying your employees, paying all taxes to the appropriate authorities, paying any third parties for withholdings and producing a variety of management reports as well as all compliance reports to the taxing authorities.

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