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With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we at Payroll Chimp know payroll and payroll taxes.
In fact, we’re a small business like yours, so we understand your needs best.

More Reasons to Love Us

  • Yes we’re real people! And we don’t live in a jungle. We’re located in the “Middle of the Mitten”.
  • And yes you can talk to us any time!
  • When you call an experienced payroll professional will always answer.
  • We promise reliability & timeliness. You’ll never have to worry if tax payments are done timely or be subject to late payment
  • We keep current on regulations and reporting requirements… so you don’t have to.
  • We’ll ensure all sensitive information is kept secure and confidential.
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What Our Customers Have to Say

Using Payroll Chimp for payroll processing has made my life a lot easier. I’ve also worked with ADP for years and there’s no match in the level of service and personalized approach that makes it super easy to get the data out of our system and into theirs. I highly recommend their services!

Nick C. Stamas
Owner, Pizza Sams

I have been utilizing the folks at Payroll Chimp for 10 years from the start of my business. I know that my payroll will be accurate and that the correct taxes with be taken out and paid on time. Reporting is always timely including W2’s at year end. I am a business owner, not an accountant and you are a great partner. Thank you for the peace of mind that Payroll Chimp gives me so I can focus my time on the responsibilities of the business.

Kim Krantz
Owner, Coffee Chaos

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Payroll Designed for Your Needs

We offer comprehensive solutions to process payroll tailored specifically to your company.  Our team will facilitate reliable processing employee checks and timely preparation of required payroll forms.  With our payroll processing services, you can focus efforts on running your business and have the pace of mind that your payroll work is being done by experienced professionals.
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Personalized Support

We provide advanced and efficient solutions backed by personalized local support that a large payroll provider is unable to offer.  Our fees are known up front with full disclosure of what your costs will be for the year.
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Making Your Life Easy as Pie

We keep current on regulations and reporting requirements so you do not have to.  We ensure sensitive information is kept secure and confidential.  You will never have to worry if tax payments are done timely or be subject to late payment penalties.

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